Shower Steamers – Awake

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Made using all natural ingredients and infused with pure essential oils, our handmade aromatherapy Shower Steamers are a great way to pamper yourself in the shower.

Each pack contains 6 shower steamers. Place one of the steamers on the shower floor outside of direct stream of water and enjoy the energizing lemongrass and menthol essential oils aroma during your shower. The steamer will melt away while releasing the fragrance.

Note: These are intended for use in the shower. We have put in just the right balance of essential oils to give the perfect refreshing shower experience. They are not intended for use in the bath.

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Weight 0.180 kg

Lemongrass Essential Oil, Menthol Essential Oil

Bicarbonate of Soda 55%-57%
Citric Acid 27%-29%
Corn Starch 8%-10%
Isopropyl Alcohol 1%-3%
Menthol Crystals <1%
Polysorbate 80 <1%
Vegetable Oil <1%
Mica Powder <0.1%


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