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Handmade with care, each product is lovingly crafted on our farm in the heart of the Leitrim countryside in Ireland. 

We incorporate clays sourced from around the world which not only give the soaps natural colors but also serve as exfoliants. Some clays, like activated charcoal and Kamtchatka black volcanic clay, possess detoxifying properties, effectively purifying the skin. Lastly, we introduce essential oils to enhance scent.

The soap comes wrapped in eco-friendly Biolefin biodegradable film, enclosed within an organza bag, all nestled inside a wholesome gift box.

We provide a display stand for in-store presentation, which can showcase about 8 of our soaps.

We are currently selling in over 100 retail shops located mostly in Ireland, USA and Canada. For pricing info and wholesale product catalogue, please contact us via our contact form or as an alternative you may also make wholesale orders through Faire or Anam Craft online marketplaces below.

Our products are now available on the niche wholesale marketplace, ANAM Craft. New buyers receive $150 in shopping credits! Click here to become ANAM Buyer.
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